St. Stephen’s is a Total Ministry Church

In a Total Ministry Church members of the congregation fulfill the duties of a full time rector. Our goal is to develop and affirm the gifts of all baptized members so as to encourage all to heed the call of God, by living out the promises of our baptismal covenant.


Our Ministry Support Team

Photo of Father John

Fr. John Vafis

– Ordained Episcopal Priest, who was called from our congregation

Donna Critchfield  

– Worship Leader, Preacher, Eucharistic Minister & Eucharistic Visitor

Catherine Bernard

– Worship Leader, Preacher

Sharon Zwald

– Eucharistic Minister, Preacher-in-training


photo of serving communion


Vestry members:

  • Catherine Bernard, Senior Warden
  • Jim Balsdon, Junior Warden
  • Mark Galentine, Clerk
  • Cynthia Sanderson, Treasurer
  • Arlene Arnold
  • Shari Gaines
  • Deidre Galentine


    Photo of fellowship after church service

    Fellowship after the Sunday worship service