After School Program

St. Stephen’s After School Program is an important community outreach for our parish offered to 4th grade students who will benefit.


Photo of children at the lake  

It is not religious based and welcomes all students. We have no curriculum, but base our tutoring on needs of the students individually. The program emphasizes rewards for positive behavior. We also strive to expose each year’s class to community experiences and learning out- side the classroom. Some of those experiences have been visiting local professional offices, role playing Colusa City Council meetings, touring the Colusa County Courthouse, Main Library, and Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. We end each class with an art or craft project to be completed in one or two sessions. These projects contribute to pleasant and positive achievement, while also introducing some principles and appreciation of the arts. Tutors in the after school program are all volunteers from the community who are dedicated to helping students to improve their academic standing and to become productive, good citizens as adults.


Chocolate Festival

The annual Chocolate Festival is St. Stephen’s major fundraiser for outreach. It is held each year on the 1st Saturday of December.


  Photo of chocolate  

The Chocolate Festival is a wonderful celebration of all things chocolate. Our parishioners create a fabulous spread of chocolate decadence. Attendees chose 5 items each and can enjoy them in our fellowship hall while listening to Christmas Carols. A silent auction of creative items is also a part of the fund raiser. Each year over $5,000 is raised and all of this money goes to outreach in the community.